Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

Lusso Full Body Tan €30
Lusso Tan - Half Body €20
Weekly Maintenance Tan €20

Tanning Do`s & Don`ts

Surface Issues:
Skin may have sweat, lotion, oil, hair conditioner, soap, shave product, or other residue on it.

Products on the skin can prevent solution absorption. The area of the body, can help clarify the issue. Legs are often issues from soap or shave products. Under arms would be sweat or deodorants. Chest or back, ether sweat or hair conditioner from poor shower rinsing. In all cases better exfoliation and rinsing after use of all other body products should help address the issue.

Skin is poorly exfoliated and rinsed. Change exfoliation method if needed. Not all exfoliates will rinse well from the skin. A clean rinse scrub should be used, or an exfoliation mitt or cloth, with a clean rinse off shower gel product.
If the fresh tan is only blotchy in some areas, are they dry skin areas? (legs for example) If so, they should be well exfoliated, and LIGHTLY pre moisturized. (Moist Air Dry Oil would be a good pre tan moisturizer that will not hamper spray tan penetration)

Note: that bar soaps can excessively dry skin, so advise client to switch to a non moisturizing shower gel product.
Important : Please make sure that you not shave legs prior to tanning as this may cause blotchy legs