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Hot Stone Massage – Back €45 / Full Body €75

An amazing treatment performed using hot volcanic basalt stones and cool marine stones. This is the ultimate in a relaxing, balancing and grounding treatment, improving circulation, lymphatic drainage and energy flow through the chakras. Combining a body massage with a face and foot treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage – Back €35 / Full Body €65

A treatment of sheer relaxation using pure essential oil chosen specifically for their therapeutic qualifies to combat stress, tension and to alleviate the mind.

Swedish Massage – Back €30 / Full Body €60

One of the oldest forms of healing. The Swedish Body Massage is a deep massage renowned for relieving tension and easing tight muscles, while improving your circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems. 

Indian Head Massage – 30 mins / €38

This technique is many years old. By focusing on pressure points it is used to promote relaxation, relieve headaches and reduce stress and tension. Oils are often used to treat different conditions and promote strong healthy hair and scalp.

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