Concealer – Circle Delete No1



 An eye conditioner and concealer containing Moringa Butter
and Avocado Oils, both high in Vitamins A, C, D and E.
• Contains Green Tea Extract, a potent antioxidant.
• Conceals and diminishes the appearance of dark under-eye circles.
• Softens the appearance of fine lines around eyes.
• The two colors can be blended in order to achieve the exact shade
required. Or use them separately as a color corrector and highlighter.
• The dark peach color in Circle\Delete 2 effectively neutralizes blue,
so it can also be used as a concealer for surgical bruises.
• If you’re not certain which duo to use, try one on one eye and the
other on the other eye, and take a look. You may be surprised at
how Circle\Delete 2 often adds an attractive highlight under the eye.


Use Camouflage Brush and apply to dark under-eye areas before or after foundation to conceal and highlight.